FC Brotherhood Sacrifice

Apostle, Pastor, Gino Jennings

Leader, Teacher, Guide & General Overseer

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Greetings to all brothers around the world. The FC Brotherhood is reaching out to all brothers, asking for a monetary sacrifice on behalf of the work of The Lord that is taking place at our International Headquarters Temple, located at 5105 N. 5th Street, in Philadelphia, PA.

Our goal is to reach $200,000, God willing. Your sacrifice is needed so that we're able to move into our lower auditorium, this year God willing. Also, that the work around the campus may not be hindered due to financial restraints. 

Your sacrifice offering and labor towards the International Headquarters Campus that The Lord blessed us with is sincerely and much appreciated. 

Peace be unto all the brothers that were able to give, and continue to give, and even to the brothers who are not able to give at this time - just the same.

May God Continue To Bless Us All

Sincerely, FC Brotherhood.


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