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First Church Auxiliaries

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First Church Brotherhood (F.C.B.)

First Church Brotherhood. We greet you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The mission and goals of the Brotherhood are to serve the one true and living God with all our heart, mind, body, and soul. Striving to put and keep God first in all that we do. Following the leadership of Pastor Jennings, as God guides him, without strife nor debate. Through obedience, discipline, and communication, we hope to help one another as brothers, be a help to the church as it continues to grow, and to be a good example in our communities that God may be Glorified.


First Church Sisterhood (F.C.S.)

First Church Sisterhood. Many sisters help with performing numerous necessary and important duties in the work of God at First Church. These auxiliaries are comprised of those who will dedicate their time and effort to the work of the Lord.


First Church Ushers (F.C.U.)

First Church Ushers are responsible for the greeting and seating of all brothers, sisters, and visitors. Also, the duties of the ushers vary according to the specifications and needs of First Church.


First Church Promotion Team (F.C.P.T.)

First Church Promotion Team is an organization that is dedicated to promoting the work of the Lord Jesus. We are dedicated to creating programs and services that will benefit the people of God and all people.


First Church Security (F.C.S.)

First Church Security (F.C.S.) is a national team comprised of brothers and sisters, who are committed to serving the one God of heaven. Our Mission is to help provide a safe and orderly environment for the members and guest of First Church. We are committed to this cause where ever the word of God is preached by Pastor Jennings and the ministers of God. We will endeavor to diligently provide a disciplined atmosphere wherever services are being held and help ensure safe passage of our Pastor at the local temples and abroad, according to the laws of God and of the land with the help of the Almighty.


First Church Marketing Team (F.C.M.T.)

First Church Marketing Team we are responsible for the coordination and promotion of upcoming First Church meetings and events. Coordination and promotion includes flyers, billboards, radio, TV, internet and media. 


First Church Landscaping Crew (F.C.L.C.)

First Church Landscaping Crew is responsible for all the landscaping throughout First Church grounds. Such as cutting grass, planting, hedge trimming, adding new soil, tree trimming, and so forth.


First Church Maintenance Crew (F.C.M.C.)

First Church Maintenance Crew is responsible for the fixing, preventive maintenance, and the construction of various projects throughout First Church. 


First Church Electrician Crew (F.C.E.C)

First Church Electrician Crew is responsible for the installation of electrical outlets, wiring, lighting and camera installation throughout First Church property.


First Church Plumbing Crew (F.C.P.C.)

First Church Plumbing Crew is responsible for the installation and the maintenance of all piping and plumbing work throughout First Church buildings including interior and exterior locations.  


Contact Us If You Desire To Be On A First Church Auxiliary

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